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Eduware is a SaaS based educational ERP solution using innovative Cloud technology for high end performance and unbreakable security, for the schools is a complete application which helps to upgrade the standard of any school not only in the management level but also helps in transforming the educational standards, increase the security system of the school, manages the resources in efficient way, reduces the communication gap between the parents, faculties and management team, provide online registration, online FEE payment, and powerful reporting capabilities for data analysis. Responsive web pages provide mobile friendly viewing.
Save Cost

No need to maintain Server and Data. It is SAS base

Time Saving

No more waiting in queues or No more visit to school for fee payment

Makes Works Easy

Directly fee payment from wide ranges of bank account


Consolidated view of all billers and payment history

Detail Information

Consolidated view of student’s personal ledger, activities, evaluation

Follows New Technologies

Get SMS Alerts for bill presentments/event notice/report

Our Team

In ANTS, we are perfectly willing to work with the same determination and values as ants do. We are convinced this is the only way to offer the best quality service. Our single employee can only do so much, but when all employees work as a TEAM, they are able to achieve greater heights, we don’t just leave our “fellow staff“ alone when developing and supporting projects, we help each other making it possible for us to achieve our clients goals.
Our teams are so organized in how they carry out their tasks that they are able to accomplish it no matter how big the task is. When we think about ants, we associate them with cooperation and hard work. Ants are the perfect example of collaborative effort, communication between individuals and problem solving skills. This is the way we work with our clients.
Our professional staff has a full range of experience in developing all types of Technologies. Our experience in creating and delivering high-quality application helps our clients to achieve their goals. As we are a serious and integrated software development company, we try to offer our clients customized solutions. We work with our own team and we are responsible for every aspect of the project, from the beginning till the end of the project

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Our Features


Student Management


Student Billing


Academic Marksheet


Faculty Management


Class Scheduling


Event Calendar


Finacial Accounting


Parental Portal


Online Fee Payment


SMS Alert


Analytical Reporting


Many More...

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Product of ANTS Pvt. Ltd.

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